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Posted on December 13, 2010


Although gymnastics is one of the most popular Olympic sports—capturing the imagination and viewership of millions every four years—little academic treatment is given to the relationship between gymnastics and traditional and new media.

This site was created by ksboulden to analyze the intersection of artistic gymnastics, digital culture and social media.

Social media tools, namely blogs, Twitter and YouTube, have given individuals the opportunity to tell alternative stories of gymnastics competitions and to produce and distribute their own news stories. These tools have also changed how fans access information and media about gymnastics, how they communicate with other fans and how they create communities.

Double Front explores these major themes:

  • Information seeking behavior of Olympic sports fans, particularly gymnastics fans
  • Role and impact of citizen media/social media in production and dissemination of gymnastics news
  • Creation of digital gymnastics communities and mobile gymnastics culture

The site also serves as ksboulden’s brainstorming notebook as she contemplates a graduate degree in mass communications.

Please note that ksboulden is not conducting any research at this time and Double Front only serves as an idea and communication platform.

Your feedback is encouraged. Contact Double Front by email or on Twitter.

Photo: Daniel Motz. Image of Olesya Dudnik (Former USSR) at 1989 World Championships

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