What’s a Double Front?

Posted on December 22, 2010


A library colleague asked me this question yesterday after I introduced her to the blog.

Gymnastics fans—you know what a double front is. For those new to gymnastics, a double front is a forward flip (or salto) in the tucked or piked position with two rotations.  This skill is performed on the floor exercise, as a dismount off the balance beam, parallel bars, high bar, still rings and uneven bars and as a vault. It has a high degree of difficulty because it is a forward landing skill.

Double Front was chose as the name of this blog because the double front and double front half out (double front with a half twist) are both skills performed by my two favorite gymnasts: 1996 All Around Olympic Champion Lilia Podkopayeva and 2008 All Around Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin.

The double front on floor (with and without the half twist) are named after Podkopayeva because she was the first to performed them in international competition. She performed the double front half out on floor during the all around and floor final competitions at the Olympic Games, winning gold in both events. Liukin performed the skill with the half out as her dismount off of the uneven bars. She also performed a double front as her second tumbling pass on the floor exercise. She went on to win not only gold in the all around, but also silver on uneven bars and beam, and bronze on floor.

Check out the floor exercises of the gold medal winning all around performances from Podkopayeva and Liukin.