London 2012 Gymnastics Coin

Posted on December 27, 2010


A great holiday gift arrived in the mail a few days ago—a London 2012 Gymnastics commemorative coin. Earlier this month, I entered a contest from Full Twist for a chance to win the coin. To be eligible, I had to answer the question: What is your favorite or memorable gymnastics moment from any Olympics?

My response:

One of my favorite Olympic gymnastics moments is Lilia Podkopayeva winning the floor gold medal in 1996. Her all around victory was spectacular (and historic) but to win gold in an event final in addition to gold in the all around is a rare feat in gymnastics. Lilia’s performance was the perfect combination of elegance and athleticism and, to me, epitomizes the sport of artistic gymnastics. She won because she not only had difficult tumbling (including her own skill) but also balletic, captivating dance. One of the greatest gymnasts of all time!

I was one of three winners and couldn’t be happier! This coin is great addition to my gymnastics library and archive. Thanks, Katie!

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