Double Front Post Mentioned in Gymnastics Coaching

Posted on January 7, 2011


A recent Double Front article, A New Year, A New US Women’s Team was referenced in today’s Gymnastics Coaching post USA Best Disciplined Gymnasts.

Many pundits right now are a bit negative on the odds of the USA winning the 2012 Olympics. Some of the national team are injured. Or “on holiday” in Colorado. (Update: Alicia’s training today.) Many are making the savvy decision to take an NCAA scholarship rather than risk the long odds of making it to the Olympics.

Thanks for the mention, Rick (and for the title pundit). I would say I’m more critical than negative about the future of the US team. Like Rick goes on to say in his post, it is the team that is closest to perfection that will win in London.  All the teams must perform flawlessly and have the highest start values for a chance at the team gold medal.

Photo: John Cheng, USA Gymnastics