Mustafina, Uchimura Confirmed for American Cup

Posted on January 18, 2011


The 2011 AT&T American Cup will feature World All Around Champions Aliya Mustafina and Kohei Uchimura. The star-studded field also includes World medalists Jon Horton, Alexandra Raisman, Lauren Mitchell and Phillip Boy.

The level of gymnastics at this competition will be exceptionally high. If Mustafina continues her gold medal winning streak, she will become the first international competitor to win the American Cup since 2001.

An interesting change: Usually there are two American women in the lineup. This year, there is only one. Does anyone know if the rules have changed recently?

Gymnasts registered for the event:


  • USA: Jonathan Horton, Houston
  • China: Lu Bo
  • Germany: Philipp Boy
  • Great Britain: Daniel Purvis
  • Japan: Kohei Uchimura
  • Japan: Koji Uematsu
  • Russia: Sergey Khorokhordin
  • Ukraine: Mykola Kuksenkov


  • USA: Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass.
  • Australia: Lauren Mitchell
  • China: Huang Quishuang
  • China: Jiang Yuyuan
  • Germany: Elisabeth Seitz
  • Russia: Aliya Mustafina
  • Switzerland: Ariella Kaeslin
  • Venezuela: Jessica Lopez
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