Gymnastics Research Guide

This page is continuously updated with research and resources related to Double Front’s major themes: artistic gymnastics and social media, information seeking behavior of sports fans, the Olympic Games, citizen journalism, and mobile culture.

Research specifically analyzing gymnastics and the media or gymnastics and information seeking behavior is very limited. However, there are a few pieces of research addressing these topics.

Gymnastics and the Media

Margi Sammons, Masters Thesis, 2005
“Writing the Olympic Dream: A Critical Analysis of the Media Coverage of the 2004 Olympic Paul Hamm Controversy

Virtual Communities

Plant, Robert. Online Communities. Technology in Society. 26 (2004) 51-65

Library of Congress Subject Headings

These subject heading can help you get started when conducting research in academic databases or WorldCat.
If you aren’t familiar with subject searching, ask your reference librarian.

Olympics in mass media

Gymnastics in mass media

Gymnastics — History

Gymnastics — Political aspects

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